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Why does Keepass 2.x look terrible on KDE Linux?

  • I'll be honest, I'm pretty ticked off. Keepass was rewritten in mono to "be more portable", among other (valid reasons), but apparently portability isn't the same as "looks (even almost) native"?

    Or maybe it's just a configuration issue. But why does this look so terrible? it looks worse than a windows 98 app being run through wine, on linux. The worst part is that you can't see how horrible my cursor is (because the screenshot app doesn't show it). but when i mouse over the app, it turns into this god awful looking apple 2-like mouse, except at like a 30 degree angle.


    I was looking at keepass for my password solution, but this is simply unacceptably unusable.

  • Paul

    KeePass was not re-written in mono, it has always been a Windows app with some work-arounds for mono bugs. And for a free app it's amazing.

    It may be a KDE thing as it seems to be fine under Debian / Ubuntu. https://sourceforge.net/p/keepass/discussion/329220/thread/17d1bd26
    Are you sure you have the full mono package installed?

    cheers, Paul

    • actually, see here: http://keepass.info/devstatus.html#whynet

      it was previously C++ (no mono), but 2.x was rewritten as such.

      it's on archlinux btw. and archlinux generally doesn't apply patches that aren't upstreamed. It sounds from that thread that debian has a lot of patches to improve integration.

      that said, i've never actually heard of a mono app looking themed like a windows app on linux, so i suspected my installation first of all. not sure what i could do to debug this issue...

      • Peter Oliver
        Peter Oliver

        I think http://www.mono-project.com/WinForms, and in particular the section "Why Not Use Native Widgets?" explains why it looks the way it does.