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keepass / dropbox / master password

  • Frank

    Hello –

    I am not sure what I missed in this setup, but I followed the directions for using Dropbox to save the master db.

    I have a “local” copy and a copy in the (push copy) dropbox tree, and when I save / close keypass, it merges the local and push copy of the DB, but here is the issue.

    When I started up keypass, I noted that master db password was old and as me to update it – so I did, now when I go to save the db it notes that the local and push copy have different password –

    Is there a way to get get keypass to prompt for the password of the “push” copy of the DB?

  • wellread1

    Synced databases must share the same Master Key. Open your push copy in KeePass, using 'File>Open>Open File...', and change the Master Key from the old one to the current one. Also you may want to rename your push copy so that the path is not the only distinguishing feature (e.g. dbname.dropbox.kdbx).

    Last edit: wellread1 2014-06-06