White menu text

  • My windows theme uses white text on a dark blue background for application menus. Because of this, the menus in KeePass are unreadable.

    eg; http://img203.imageshack.us/img203/9683/keepass4wu.gif

    Any way around this without changing themes?

    • Paul

      Under Edit | Options | Interface you can change the font and colour. Let us know how it goes.

      cheers, Paul

    • That option only appears to change the font for the main screen, not the menus.

    • Dominik Reichl
      Dominik Reichl

      Right-click onto your Windows desktop, menu item "Properties", tab "appearance", button "advanced".

      Now set the menu colors to something useful here.

      Does that help?

      Best regards

    • If I change my menu text to a darker colour, then every other application becomes unreadable. I'm just flip-flopping.

      My other applications integrate with themes just fine. Why can't KeePass? The features list says it should support them. I'm sure there are other light-on-dark themes out there that would have just the same problem.