Am I a Brit jackass, I cant even get started?

  • BarryTurnbull

    I have created KeePass ,masterpassword and filed one entry, namely my yahoo email.
    I click on it and the URL appears at the bottom of the screen.
    I enter the site and am asked for yahoo user name and password.
    So whats supposed to happen now?
    Only usual name and pass work, masterpassword does not. So where am I going wrong.

  • Paul

    Isn't a jackass American? Surely a contradiction...

    KeePass does not fill anything in until you tell it to - it is not automated.
    The easiest method is to use the Global Auto-Type hot-keys. (Ctrl Alt A)
    See the Help for an example:

    cheers, Paul

  • steelej

    You need to be more precise in what you have done so far and what you are expecting KeePass to do. Have you read the help provided on the web site?

    First what version of KeePass have you installed on what machine? the following is based on it being version 2.

    Have you created a new database with a password - is this what you are calling the Master password?

    Have you then created a new entry for Yahoo mail?

    Have you entered the URL for Yahoo into the URL field?

    Have you added your Yahoo user ID in the username field and the password in the Password field.

    If you click on the Open URL from the drop down menu does it open the login page?

    If you then place the cursor in the Yahoo user login field and then go to KeePass and select autotype from the pulldown menu does it type the username/password and login to Yahoo?