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  • Work, Og bless them, provides me with a fairly modern machine running NT4, all current service packs. I'd love to use KeePass to manage my 150 +/- passwords there, but ...

    I've tried both the zip and the installer. In either case, I launch the app and I get a very, very brief flash on the screen and then nuttin. No systray icon, nothing in task manager. I've tried it from my USB thumb drive and also installing on the 'D' drive, no change. Works fine on my XP pro machine at home, like it so far but I'm guessing there's a DLL or something that's missing from the work system.

    Any hints as to where I go from here? I do have local admin rights on the work machine, so there's a chance I can get this working!

    • Dominik Reichl
      Dominik Reichl

      Please download and try this:

      This is a slightly older version than 0.99a. It's not packed with UPX.

      Start it and tell me what it says.

      Thanks and best regards

    • Tried the older version and now I get:

      "The procedure entry point SHGetSpecialFolderPathA could not be located in the dynamic link library SHELL32.dll"

      According to a quick web search, this is a common problem and points to an incomplete IE install - SHELL32.dll on the box is version 4.0, it should be 4.71 or something ... I do have local admin rights but I'm not comfortable replacing/upgrading their 'custom' IE install.

      I think I'll just goi to go back to my ongoing plan of complaining and try to get approval to go all the way up to W2K. Thanks for the help, I'll be back at some point.

    • "just goi to go back"? Yeah, I edited that paragraph but I swear that wasn't what I ended up with. Please close one eye and squint and it might make some sense ...

    • Thanks! That one works. If I ever get them to upgrade me to W2K I'll go to the most current version, in the meantime it's good. Will there be any issues using the database in both this version and the new one at home?

      • Dominik Reichl
        Dominik Reichl

        Do NOT use the zipped version above!

        A new version will be released soon.

        Best regards