Just donwloaded Keepass 1x but need Keepass 2x for Firefox integration

  • Ant

    I am using a Windows 8 64bit laptop.

    I have never used a 'password manager' before so please be gentle, as I don't really understand much about how Keepass works.
    I have been reading up on it but until I start using it, it does sound a bit complicated.

    I have just donwloaded the latest version of Keepass 1x and thought I could integrate it into Firefox, but I can only do that with Keepass 2x. Am I correct?

    I have not started using Keepass 1x yet, so what is the best way to go about installing Keepass 2x?
    Should I uninstall Keepass 1x (which I have read is difficult to remove every bit of - is this true?)

    If uninstalling I will be using 'Advanced uninstaller pro 11': Just wondering if this would completely uninstall it?

    What Firefox Keepass addons, or extensions for Keepass itself are worth using?

    Last edit: Ant 2013-03-21
  • Paul

    Uninstall KeePass V1 via Windows standard uninstaller. There is no difficulty (where did you read there was?).

    Install KeePass V2 and learn how to use it via the video tutorials.

    If you want to use an add-on try KeeFox or PassIFox.

    cheers, Paul