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exporting data from Keepass 2.x to 1.x app for Droid

  • I lack some technical skill but I understand that the 2.x Keepass version I started with on my PC doesn't serve my needs well. Most of the use I have for the passwords is when I am on the move with Droid OS tablet or phone. I have downloaded 1.x app and intend to use it exclusively and punt the 2.x version. However, I have already entered a lot of password info in the 2.x version. I think I also understand that the 2.x can export and/or the 1.x can import so I don't have to enter all that stuff again. However, I can't find any step by step guidance on how to begin this process.

  • Paul

    File > Export.

    V1 does not have additional fields, these are exported to the Notes field.
    You need to be careful with changes to the database on your portable devices because V1 doesn't sync very well and you can overwrite changes made on different databases.

    cheers, Paul