URL Field Default Behaviour


  • Anonymous

    Hi All.

    I was wondering what the default behaviour is for the URL Field.

    It is shown as a link, in blue, but is not clickable.  Is this supposed to open my default browser?, I am assuming it is supposed to but it does not for me.

    Using KeePass v1.17 with Windows XP and Firefox.


  • Dominik Reichl
    Dominik Reichl

    No, it's not supposed to do that. If you want to open the URL, double-click it in the main window.

    Best regards

  • Erik

    Well, then I don't understand the purpose of this field. There is a lot of talk about putting web links, commands, etc. in the URL field, but it does nothing (as far as I can figure out) except display text in blue.

    Putting the same URL text in the "Notes" field works just fine. So what is the purpose of the URL field?

    The help file says it has amazing capabilities. How do you turn this on?

    From the help file:
    "Standard Capabilities: The URL field can execute any valid URL, for which you have defined a protocol handler. On most systems at least the http://, ftp:// and mailto: protocols are defined. KeePass supports all registered protocols that Internet Explorer supports."... and more for three pages of help!

    But all it does for me is make text blue.

    Last edit: Erik 2014-05-21
  • wellread1

    A URL will open from the Main Window only. To open an entry's URL from the Main Window, double click on it, or press Ctrl-U when the entry is selected.

    The Add/Edit dialog is intended for editing only; the URL will not open from this dialog.

  • Paul

    You seem to be editing the KeePass entry and then expect to be able to click the URL. You should never edit an entry to access data, just click on the entry column in the standard KeePass view, or right click for a context menu.

    Standard KeePass View

    cheers, Paul