Auto-Type, Global key and generic window title

  • Philo Vance
    Philo Vance

    I've been using Ctrl-Alt-A to log in to the various websites I visit. This works well, but I've encountered a problem. What do I do with sites that just say "Log in" as the Window Title? Is there a way to associate those with their URL rather than their title?


  • wellread1

    There are a several approaches to this problem.

    1. Don't worry about it. KeePass will display a Auto-Type Entry Selection dialog that will allow you to select the correct entry. This works OK provided you have used entry Titles that are sufficiently different to distinguish between entries. See Paul's post below for how to configure an auto-type sequence to achieve this.
    2. Install an URL it Title browser addon into your browser(s) of choice. These addons don't interact with KeePass directly. They post the URL in the browser window title where KeePass can see it. Then:
      • Set the "An entry matches if [its URL]/[the host]..." options in Tools>Options>Advanced(tab)>Auto-Type(section), AND/OR
      • Define custom auto-type sequences that match the new window titles
    3. Install the WebAutoType plugin.
    4. Install one of the form filler KeePass plugins found under Integration & Transfer.

    I don't have direct experience with the last two options but they all have their followings.

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  • Paul

    Edit the KeePass entry and select the Advanced tab.
    Add a target window filter of "log in*", without the quotes.

    cheers, Paul

  • Philo Vance
    Philo Vance

    I've added the Hostname In Titlebar plugin to FF and am applying solution (2). Works perfectly.

    Thanks for your help.

  • Proxx

    Guys, sorry for asking, but can't figure out, can keepass send virtual mouse keystroke on specific place in your screen (x y coordinate)? The only thing I found is that keepass can send vkey but what about the coordinate?
    Thanks advance for the answers.

  • Horst

    No password manager does send anything to certain coordinates on screen.
    Thats absolute useless for entering passwords or authentication info.
    You can use Autohotkey for such purposes.