Auto-type and right-click issues with KeePass 2.20.1 on Mac OS X Mountain Lion

  • SRC

    I recently installed KeePass on a Mac and am experiencing two issues.

    First, if I "right-click" on entry, nothing happens (the entry is selected, but the context menu does not appear). If I right-click on a group, I do see the context menu.

    Second (and more importantly), I can't get auto-type to work. I go to a web page, put the focus in a field, and use an Automator Service to run:

    mono /Applications/ --auto-type

    An icon briefly appears in the Dock, but then it goes away and nothing every appears in the browser application

    So to further test, I created a KeePass Entry for "Terminal", and then in a Terminal window I ran:

    cd /Applications/KeePass20.2.1/Contents/MacOS
    mono KeePass.exe --auto-type

    expecting the values in the Entry to appear in my Terminal window. But again there was briefly an icon in the Dock, but no output.

    I think I already had an xdotool library because KeePass doesn't complain, but could not find an xdotool command. So I installed version 2.20110530.1 with MacPorts, but when it's in my path, KeePass won't even start (so I took it out of the path).

    Mono is version 2.10.10.

    I'm not sure what to try next. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • Joe Chiarelli
    Joe Chiarelli

    I too am having the same issue. Were you able to resolve it yet?