Global Auto-Type Hotkey, Defining The Target

  • Is there a way to use a global auto-type hotkey without having to define the title of the webpage but rather by the URL? I ask this because some websites change their title header occasionally and I would have to go and manually change it in keepass for it to work. For example to log into paypal I would have to use this code.

    Auto-Type-Window: PayPal - Welcome*

    where "PayPal - Welcome*" is the title header of the site. If Paypal were to change their title header to say "PayPal/Ebay" I would have to manually change that inside of keepass for it to work again. Now is there a way to use the URL instead because the majority of the websites won't change their url.

    • Paul

      No there is not.

      Change your header to PayPal (without the asterisk) and you won't need to edit it again.

      cheers, Paul