Drag and drop

  • Drag and drop works fine from KeePass to any website using Firefox.

    It doesn't work at all from KeePass to any program on my computer. I get the little circle with a line through it, and nothing gets copied.

    What am I missing?

    • Ryan Morgan
      Ryan Morgan

      This happens because the applications you're trying to drag into were not designed to accept drag'n'drop data.  Firefox was designed to be able to drag data into text fields.  The other applications you're using are not.  In other words, programs need to have special code explicitly to handle drag'n'drop.

    • loremari

      I never noticed this... but drag&drop doesn't work with Notepad! It works with Notepad++ (http://notepad-plus.sourceforge.net) though.
      And dragging text from Notepad++ to Notepad doesn't work either, so it's not a problem with Keepass.

    • Tip:
      Auto-type does not work with some applications  regarding the password entry.
      You could try this (it worked for me):
      When program on your computer requests a password (i.e. key123), instaed of creating the password entry key123 in KeePass, type the key123 in username filed and in auto-type sintax change {Password} to {Username}.
      P.S. Is this the KeePass bug, or is there a problems with that applications in which we are trying to input passwords? Can someone please answer?

    • Paul

      Why would it make any difference if you put it in the username?
      What happens if you change the syntax to {PASSWORD}?
      What program are you having trouble with?

      cheers, Paul

    • It does not work

    • Program is Cryptainer LE

    • I use Cryptainer LE

    • Paul

      What prompts does Cryptainer give you and how do you navigate between them? e.g. Do you need to click in the username box before you can enter text? How do you get from the username to password box, Tab?

      cheers, Paul

    • Hello Paul, I'm so sorry for my delayed replys, but I have very tight shedule these days, developing my own software..

      Namely, the Cryptainer prompt is just for password, one filed only. This is the syntax I wrote in the KeePass that is not working: {Password}{Enter}. If you change Password to Username it works fine..
      But the problem resolved itself yesterday, just like it started, from unknown reason. Now it works just fine, I don't get it?
      Anyway, since this is no longer an issue..thank you for your concern, it's appreciated :)

      P.S. I'm developing software and I need to implement auto type feature on one event (To simulate keyboard stroke on Alt+S and copy some data into clipboard). Since I never worked with such scripts, can you help me on resolving such matter or maybe address me where to look for help. Thank you very much for the effort.

    • you could check out

      AutoIt 3


    • Thank you very much. This looks like a solution, now let's get crackin' :)


    • Paul

      You could also try Sendkeys (http://www.codeproject.com/cpp/sendkeys_cpp_Article.asp)

      cheers, Paul

    • Thanks again.