HotKey to lock database

  • It is possible to set a hotkey to lock the database? Currently I have KeePass for passwords and Dekart for filesystem encryption.
    With Dekart, it is possible to force an immediate lock of drives by a configurable global hotkey.
    This way, when I leave my computer, i simply press ctrl-alt-x and I'm sure every encrypted disk is immediately locked: very quick and sure, no timeout or minimize/mazimize action needed. It would be nice to press that hotkey and have also KeePass database locked. There is a way to do this?

    • Paul

      Ctrl-Alt-K then Esc?

      cheers, Paul

      • Uhm... It works, but it's not so easy if every time i leave the pc i have to crtl-x, ctrl-k, esc, lock windows. I think that locking is something special that would deserve a special hotkey. Anyway, another approach could be: there is a way to lock/unlock keepass from within a batch file?
        It would be nice to have an icon linked to a batch which performs the lock of everything (including keepass database), then locks windows. Just an icon, and the pc is totally protected with a single click. There is a way to customize that way?

    • Bernd Strobel
      Bernd Strobel

      Wouldn't it be even more convinient if KeePass would lock itself if Windows is locked? Is this possible? I'd like that...