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KeePass 2.x to 1.x export under Linux

  • I'm been trying to find a way to export my KeePass 2.x database to 1.x and to import from 1.x to 2.x under Linux.  As you are probably aware if one simply tries to use the export function there is an error reported that 1.x export requires native windows code.   So the only export options that work are to KeePass 2.x and KeePass 2.x XML.   (I'm not sure how KeePass 2.x to KeePass 2.x is an export, and not a save-as…)   I was wondering if anyone knew a solution that would convert it to a 1.x format under linux, such as using wine, a xls file that can transform 2.x to 1.x XML, a python script, …

    Really, I'm finding this is essential.   Although an alternative would be if someone knows of a way to integrate KeePassX with Firefox…   As ultimately the only reason I'm using KeePass 2.x is so I can use the KeeFox plugin.


  • Paul

    The only solution I can think of, short of writing a plug-in, is to perform the conversion in Windows.

    cheers, Paul