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KeePass lost Folder of Database

  • PixelMixer

    Hi there,
    I installed the portable version 2.23 on 3 PC.
    The Database is stored in a cloud -> this is linked like a Hard-Disk and it is visible in the Win-Explorer.
    At 2 PC it's working fine.
    But the third PC lost always the name of the Disk and Folder Information.
    When I start KeePass there it's searching always in the folder where the KeePass-Software located.
    I always have to change this - that drives me crazy.
    Additional issue: the AutoType funktion (strg+alt+a) doesn't work only on this third PC.

  • Paul

    KeePass stores the last database location in the config file, KeePass.config.xml.
    Do you have write access to this file?
    Do you have this value: <PreferUserConfiguration>false</PreferUserConfiguration>
    This tells KeePass to store all configuration information in the config file located with KeePass.exe.

    Please provide more information about what doesn't work with Auto-Type.

    cheers, Paul