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MS SQL for KeePass

Tony Lara
  • Tony Lara
    Tony Lara

    Hello there. We have been using KeePass for years and I love it! It's very simple to use and puts the information we need right in front of our face.

    But we are starting to get more and more people accessing the KeePass file. We are an IT service provider/MSP with several customers and we need a simple place to store passwords. We have AutoTask and LPI and a few other tools. But nothing has been as simple as KeePass.

    Here is my problem. I need to store the database in a place that's easy for everyone to get too. Right now we use FTP and that seems to work great. But I wanted to know if we could use MS SQL. We have a number of databases in MS SQL and then would just make since if we could keep it all in one place.

    I don't see anything on here talking about MS SQL, just a few things here and there about MySQL.

    Is there a way to get the database into MSSQL, or is there another product that will allow for this?
    I am wanting to get KeePass to a place where we can access the database anywhere. SmartPhones (mostly Android), or others. We can't access the database right now from Android and it's starting to become a problem.


  • Paul

    I copy my database to the web and access it from my Android device without issue.
    If you keep the database in-house you can use a trigger to sync the database to an intranet accessible location.

    If you want more granular control and a central database there is a commercial clone from Pleasant Solutions, but I've not used it.

    cheers, Paul

  • wellread1

    A KeePass password database is a single encrypted file. Offhand I don't see how a storing this file in a database makes management of this file easier.

    A standard method for making a KeePass database available on an Android device is by sharing the database on a cloud file sharing service such as DropBox, SkyDrive or Google Drive and accessing the database using a third-party Android app that understands the KeePass database file format. Links to several Android apps are listed on the KeePass download page

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