Lock Workspace but allow global auto type

  • Andrew Palmer
    Andrew Palmer

    Is this possible?
    I would like the ability to lock the database but allow the ability to auto type without having to provide my master password.

  • Horst

    Of course not.
    This would allow anyone with access to your keyboard to login into sensitive data.
    How would you avoid that big security problem in this case ?

  • wellread1

    Decryption is required to open or unlock a database, therefore it is not possible to avoid entering the Master Key when auto-typing from a locked database.

    Note: Locking is the same as closing a database (everything is removed from memory and stored, encrypted in the password file) except that when a database is locked, KeePass remembers which database to open when the user types the global auto-type key.

    Last edit: wellread1 2014-03-13
  • user2037

    +1 for this capability

    Allowing auto-type whilst locked does trade security for convenience, but it's a trade-off I'd welcome over leaving the database wide open all the time. Such an option would be very welcome.

    EDIT: FWIW, this has been asked before ( https://sourceforge.net/p/keepass/discussion/329221/thread/5f50ab5f ). And I'd agree with the point that the current locked mode serves little practical purpose for me.

    Last edit: user2037 2014-04-28