Keepass for login

Terje Moe
  • Terje Moe
    Terje Moe

    I want to start and use Keepass but have some questions:
    - can one use Keepass keyfile on a usb-stick to restrict log on to a windows computer, kind of like you can do with Yubikey?
    - can you have a keyfile on a usb-stick as an second verification when you open the Keepass database online or on the usb-stick, so one strong password that you key inn and verification with the usb-stick?
    - so if this can be done on my computer, what then with my mobile, I guess this cant be done without NFC like YubikeyNeo or can one buy an usb-stick with Bluetooth or WiFi

    If all this is doable, can anyone please point me to some step by step treads or guide me there?


  • Paul

    Yes, KeePass can use a key file which you can store on a USB stick. Make sure you have a backup of the key file in case you lose the stick.

    There is a Bluetooth key provider plug-in.

    You can also use One Time Passwords with Yubikey.

    cheers, Paul