Keepass only works 97% of the time

  • Dear reader.

    I am hoping that you can help me please.  In short then I am using Keepass and Keefox (Firefox) with a large number of passwords stored in which a handful of them are not correctly autofilled at the websites.

    I am quite computer savvy but even though I have read, studied and looked at the page source of webpages (for form names) and read about form match, KPRPC and more I fail to "tell" Keepas how to fill in those few forms which are not handled correctly.

    Can somebody either explain in an easy way how to configure Keepass for those difficult forms or point me to a location where I can read about it?

    Thank you very much.

    Here is a sample of a webpage that does not fill in correctly with Keepass no matter how hard I try:

  • Matthew Pearce
    Matthew Pearce

    If you position your cursor in the username field and press Left-Ctrl+Alt+A all at the same time, what happens?

  • Hi.  After trying your suggestion then it did indeed fill in the correct values automatically. 

    This is pretty great and works good.  I guess fixing this so that it works the normal way with KeeFox is a complicated thing?

    I would sure love to be able to fix this permanently although the keyboard shortcut works great.

  • Further to my last post then I have discovered that the suggested method of using Left-Ctrl+Alt+A does not work for most other websites.  It does work for but not for let´s say this website:

    Any suggestions?

  • Matthew Pearce
    Matthew Pearce

    I cannot see anything special about that website that would cause a problem, but this is what i would do:

    Edit the entry you have in KeePass by double clicking the title.
    Select the Auto-Type tab and verify that Auto-Type is enabled.
    Temporarily click the option to override the default sequence, and change the sequence from this
    to this
    Now when you position your cursor in the username field and press Left-Ctrl+Alt+A Keepass should type your username in the username field and your password in the Password field but without proceeding beyond that.
    Does that work?
    Then press {ENTER}.
    Does that log you in? If not, what problem do you encounter?
    If that does work, then don't forget to re-instate the optiomn to use the default sequence.

    You can read up about Auto-Type here


  • Paul

    The fields are called "username" and "password" so it should work. It may be the javascript associated with those fields. Hopefully luckyrat will have an idea.

    To make the Box web site work with Auto-Type you need the Title in KeePass to be "Box".

    cheers, Paul

  • Luckyrat

    The viadress site does not actually have a password field on the page (it's a standard text field). KeeFox currently only works on forms that have a password field although this is something I'm trying to improve for a future release. So for that site, Auto-Type is probably your only option.

    Take a look at this page for a couple of related tips:

    Also you may find the occasional site that needs you to click on the "detect forms" KeeFox menu option once the page has finished loading ( is one of the most notable examples)

    The box website works fine for me - KeeFox automatically fills in my login which was saved via the KeeFox "save password" feature. It's possible this is an example of a site that doesn't work with a pre-existing KeePass entry.


    PS: If you want help specific to KeeFox in future it would be best if you could use the KeeFox forums:

  • Hello to everybody

    First of all … thank you very much for your much appreciated help.  I have read about auto-type, java, and gone through your suggestions.  I had a hard time getting Auto-Type to work for all non working autofills sites until I started using Target Window.  That seems to get it working.

    So I enable auto-typ and use either Inherit default … or use Matthews suggestion.  Apart from this then I am one step closer to mastering this software which I rely so much upon and is so great.

    If you have any other ideas then I would welcome it.

    Thanks so much!!

    From Iceland .. Birgir.