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KeePass app-version versus store-version

  • mabra

    Hello !

    I have KeePass 1.99 for my Android and this version is available
    for my Linux box too. But for Windows, if I download an app, everything
    is version above 2.xx.

    Are they all store-compatible ?? I have to access the store,
    probably via WebDAV, from all boxes.

    Thanks anyway and
    best regards,


  • wellread1

    I don't recognize KeePass 1.99 for Android or Linux.

    KeePass 2.x is a Windows program. It is available for download from Sourceforge or via the official KeePass site and not from the various 'stores' such as Google Play Store. KeePass 2.x for Windows can also run on Linux and Linux like OSes with the aid of mono (the substitute of Microsoft .NET). Other supporting software may also be required.

    Various third-party ports and packages for Android and Linux are available that use the KeePass 2.x or 1.x file formats. Links to many of these third party applications are provided on the KeePass site for user's convenience, but these are not be confused with KeePass 2.x for Windows.