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[PLUGIN]AutoTypeShow - Adds support for displaying the entry when auto-typed

  • AlexVallat

    AutoType is mostly great, but sometimes it's just not enough. Occasionally there are logon credentials it can't enter, usually due to overzealous concerns about key-logging making you use a mouse to enter values. Or you might have to look up a number in a grid, or something similar. For these cases, what you need is to actually see the entry in KeePass, and that's what this plugin is for.

    If you include the placeholder {SHOWENTRY} in your autotype sequence for an entry, then after the auto-typing is done, the KeePass window will be shown with the entry selected. This works particularly well if you also have KPEnhancedEntryView installed, but is useful even with the standard entry view.

    As secondary functionality, I've also added the option to set up a global hotkey to trigger a show-only autotype, where it will act just like an ordinary autotype, except it won't actually type anything. It will just show the entry it would have autotyped. This can be useful for testing, or for when you want to change your password, for example.

    Project page:


    Bug reports, questions and comments are welcome, as are suggestions for improvements.

  • Dominik Reichl
    Dominik Reichl

    Nice, thanks! I've added your plugin to the plugins page:

    Best regards,