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  • b9


    My problem is, when come the new Keepass, again and again to adjust the usual settings. My request a "Export" and "Import" function for external txt file this options config.

    + But even these could be included in a "Default" option is, for safety's sake

  • wellread1

    KeePass settings are stored in an config file that is not overwritten during a normal upgrade. As a result you should not have to reset your settings when you upgrade, unless you are doing something during the upgrade that causes the config file to be lost. In that case KeePass will recreate a default config file the first time it is run. The exact name and location of the config file varies depending on the version of KeePass (1.x or 2.x) and the type of installation (Installed vs. portable).  For more information see http://keepass.info/help/base/configuration.html.


  • James

    Hi! Magic - thanks.
    I want to take all the options like
    - lock workspace after 600 seconds
    - [X] minimises instead of exiting the app.

    I see these are held in the local config file
    (C:\Documents and Settings\User\Application Data\KeePass\KeePass.config.xml)
    and I see that the global config file
    (C:\Program Files\KeePass Password Safe 2\KeePass.config.xml)
    contains < PreferUserConfiguration>true< /PreferUserConfiguration>
    so it defers to the local file for the settings in the local file to work.

    I presume the default setting in the global config file (as I didn't tell it anything clever) must be to defer to ('prefer') the local config file.

    Been meaning to figure this out or ask for the functionality.
    Again, Dominik has already taken care of it - LEGEND!

    Last edit: James 2013-08-21