[TIP/Question]:Save a webpage from firefox to keepass (using keepass as a multi platform password manager)

  • Hi All

    i Love keepass and have been using it years on linux (even thought the mono version is how shall i say this...well..). anyway. i have thought about a clever use of keepass to solve alot of my issues using multiple platforms.

    I am thinking of using keepass as a multi platform password manager (linux, windows android osX). i can already open boomarks easily from within FF with keepfox. i have imported all my FF json bookmarks into keepass and even launching them from within keepass using ctrl-U isnt bad. it all syncs well using dropbox and i get all my bookamrks (and passwords ofc) in every device/OS i use. almost perfect!

    the issue i have is how does one easily save a 'bookmark' IE a passowrdless keepass entry with just title/URL into keepas. keepfox dosent have that option and i was wondering if the community has any ideas on that

    in addition would love to hear if anyone else has been using keepass for the bookmark manager thing?



  • wellread1

    You can specify that a specific browser open a URL in the KeePass entry's URL field by using an URL override. You can also set a URL override to apply to all KeePass entries, or create a custom override. The available overrides are in Tools->Options->Integration(tab)->URL Scheme overrides.

    However, I don't how these overrides and options are handled by various plugins (e.g. KeeFox).

  • hya wellread1

    Thx for the answer. i think though that you misunderstood the question. I want to be able to save a 'bookmark' from Firefox to keepass (or use another quick way to do it if not possible trough FF).

    The launching part is easily done in keepfox



  • Paul

    Go to the KeeFox site and suggest this addition.

    cheers, Paul