Which features of Keepass 2.x are not supported by .kdb (1.x)?

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    I guess this has been discussed or described elsewhere, but I didn't find any comprehensive and "official" list.
    The reason I am asking: My app Keepass2Android currently only has kdbx support but some users of Keepass 1.x would like to use it as well. I could implement the loading and saving of kdb, but I shouldn't display the features which cannot be saved then. So I'm looking for the list of features which must be hidden when the user opens a kdb file. Is there any resource you can point me to?


  • Dominik Reichl
    Dominik Reichl

    The screenshot http://keepass.info/screenshots/addentry_big.png tells the most.

    KDB only supports the fixed fields displayed in the screenshot (no custom strings), only 1 file attachment per entry, no entry history, no imported icons, no recycle bin, no group notes, no entry tags, etc.

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