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Download ptoblem with 2.25

  • Bill proctor
    Bill proctor

    I downloaded 2.25 from my 2.24 version and I get the new version but it doesn't have my passwords listed. How do I get it to recognize my set of passwords including the master password?

  • wellread1

    Your passwords are in a password file (default extension .kdbx). If KeePass is set to "Remember and automatically open last used database on startup" (Tools>Options>Advanced(tab)>Start and Exit(section)) it should remember where the database file is located after a simple update. However, if it does not automatically open the database you can find the database as follows:

    Open KeePass without a password file and select:
    1. File>Open Recent. The database may be listed in the recently used files list
    2. File>Open>Open File... (or Ctrl-O). Will open a Windows Explorer window where you can browse to the database file; or search your computer for the database file (default extension .kdbx)

    Last edit: wellread1 2014-02-23