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Plugins don't get integrated

  • I downloaded KeePass 2.24 and installed it on Windows 7.
    For some reason KeePassHttp.plgx that I drop into "C:\Program Files (x86)\KeePass Password Safe 2" doesn't get detected as plugins.

    I restarted my computer and it didn't help. I normally run Sandboxie in the background, but deactivating doesn't change things. The same goes for deactivating AntiVir.

  • Horst

    Normaly plugins are in the sub-dir plugins of the Keepass dir.
    Also in Windows 7 you need enhanced rigths (via UAC)
    before you can drop any file into the program files tree.

  • Paul

    The plug-in should be fine in that directory.
    Check that the plug-in is not blocked - right click on KeePassHttp.plgx and select Properties, look for an "unblock" button in the bottom right corner.
    Confirm that you are running KeePass from that location by double clicking on KeePass.exe.

    cheers, Paul