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Field reference causes autotype select dialog


  • Anonymous

    - KeePass 1.23
    - Windows 7
    - Chrome  22.0.1229.79 m

    I added an entry whose username and password fields reference fields in another account. I used UUID references for both fields. I then try to login to an entirely unrelated account using auto-type, and the mutliple selection dialog pops up, showing the referenced account, and the account I want to login to (which are unrelated); this should not be happening. A more concrete example:

    I have a Google account. I add a Microsoft account which references fields in the Google account. I then try to use auto-type on a Pandora account: the multi-select dialog pops up, showing the Google account and the Pandora account, which are unrelated.

    Please let me know if I'm misunderstanding how references are supposed to work, but I think there's a problem here.

  • wellread1

    Auto-type works by matching your browser's window title (more generally any application) with the Target Window Title defined in a custom auto-type sequence, or one of several other entry fields that depends on your settings in Tools->Advanced->Auto-Type (section).  Field references are not directly involved in matching.  You are seeing the multi-select dialog box because a match exists in one of the places mentioned above.  If a field reference is in one of the entry's fields that are involved in Target Window matching then the data contained in the linked field could be causing a match.

    You will need to systematically alter the contents of the offending entry's fields to identify the field that is causing the match.  Inspection of that field's contents (if it contains a field reference then inspection of the linked field) will reveal what is causing the inadvertent match.



  • Anonymous

    I found out what the problem is: Chrome.

    Basically, Chrome takes the liberty of renaming the title of opened tabs by appending its name to the site name. Using my original example, for Pandora, it would show something like "Pandora - Google Chrome". Since my entry in KeePass for Google was simply "Google", you can readily see how this confuses KeePass, because it now detects both words in the tab's title.

    I solved the problem by renaming the Google entry to "Google Account", but it's annoying that Chrome does this, and even more because when you hover over the tab, you do not see the appended title (all you see is "Pandora", which is why I didn't think the tab titles were the problem). I discovered the real title by hovering over the title in the Windows taskbar.

    So, this is not an issue in KeePass, but thanks for the quick reply though!