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Keepass-DB.kdbx could not be found

  • Werner Eggs
    Werner Eggs

    it's a few weeks i worked with Keepass 2.26 without problems. I work with this product since a long time and didn't have some problems. But now i receive the message Keepass-db.kdbx couldn't found.
    I'm shure i didn't delete some Keepass files.
    Someone a idea what i can do? It's a big problem for me.

  • wellread1

    By default, KeePass uses file transactions when writing databases. When it saves a database it first writes to a temporary file then replaces the original database file. Your problem might occur if KeePass had trouble replacing the original database file.

    Look for a file called KeePass-db.tmp in the directory that should contain KeePass-db.kdbx, and if present, rename it to KeePass-db.kdbx. You should be able to open the renamed file normally.