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Auto type is 'flaky' under IE 10

  • John L. Galt
    John L. Galt

    Been a long time user of KP - now also on Android and *nix.

    Recently, I've noticed that autotype is not working correctly specifically in IE 10 - it will skip characters, such as parts of the username, parts of the password, parts of my controls (like using {tab} to move to the next field).

    It's working in

    1. Chrome (Version 28.0.1500.11 dev-m),
    2. Chrome Canary (Version 29.0.1507.2 canary SyzyASan),
    3. Firefox nightly (24.0a1 32 and 64bit),
    4. Opera Next (12.15.1745), and
    5. Opera (12.15.1748).

    Even the same site ( / logins, for example).

    Any ideas?

    I tried to uninstall IE 10 (specifically b/c of this issue) and I was left with IE 8, and then I tried to install IE 9 and the system will not let it complete - I've tried every (about *9*) different methods to force IE 9 onto the system, but it will not work - so I'm back at IE 10...

    Last edit: John L. Galt 2013-05-15