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[feature request] Google Authenticator PAM

  • missing A chip
    missing A chip

    Add support for Google's pluggable authentication module (PAM). (http://code.google.com/p/google-authenticator/).  Combined with the Google Authenticator app for all major smartphones, this would be a great option for a one-time passcode generator for KeePass.  If anyone has any ideas on developing a plugin for for it, I would be willing to help.

  • uped

    I would like to join this request - after a 1,5 year Google Authenticator app got much better - It would be great if i could open KeePass database with OTP instead of a keyfile.

  • Piotr

    It would be a nice feature.

    However that might not be that easy or secure.
    Google Authenticator ia s TOTP - Time-based One-time Password Algorithm.
    Usualy both parties know the same secret (for ex. 80bit).
    The are both secure system and the chanel between them is insecure.

    So the case would be how the verifier (keepass plugin) could verify the hash with out a secret and provide a part of the master key for keepass.
    If the shared secret would be writen in plain text that that would be insecure.

  • matthewb

    would be handy, noticed dropbox has just started using it as well.