Copying password hidden (with asterisks) possible

  • Dear community,

    I asked myself if there is any way to copy a password hidden. Because the only way I can think of an intruder can get the passwords from Keepass is to record the screen of the PC (assuming one has a secure password with respective security options in Keepass turned on). Does anyone know how to avoid this possibility with Keepass?

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  • Paul

    If you have malware that collects keystrokes / screen shots then you cannot protect against theft of your passwords. KeePass may prevent the loss, but your browser probably won't.

    If you have to use KeePass on a compromised machine, set the option to enter the master key on a secure desktop and then change any passwords you have used as soon as you return to a secure machine.

    cheers, Paul

  • Hi Paul,

    thanks for your answer, I was afraid that would be the case .-)

    regards Alex