[Plugin][Havent't Done]Use hot key in Auto-Type selection window to select entry and send it.Do you need?

  • JohnH

    I have many entries in a same website.
    When I hit Global Auto-Type hot key,the Auto-Type selection window shows and i can select one entry.
    My Global Auto-Type hot key is (^!A) as Default,but I can't use any other keys to control entries selection grid but the Arrow key and Enter.
    So I want to make a plugin,as default you can use Ctrl Key to ArrowDown,Alt to ArrowUP,and Space Bar to send Entry,and this can be changed.In this way I can finish sending an entry with only one hand,but not Arrow keys or mouse click.
    BTW,you can use a hot key to send username or password. i.e. Sometimes Google does not always need you to type username,you only need to type password.
    (With single entry in a website,maybe another hot key,would be later(It's what i want at very beginning))

    HERE IS THE Question:

    • Do you Need it?
    • What is your Global Auto-Type hot key?
    • What do you prefer to control your Auto-Type selection grid?

    A chinese with bad English.

  • Paul

    I use Ctrl Alt A which I can do with one hand, but then use the mouse or arrows to control the selection.
    I like the idea of making it usable with only the left, or right hand.
    I would avoid using Ctrl or Alt because that controls window selection, but you could use Z,X and <,> with space as Enter.

    cheers, Paul