corrupted file

  • Duquennoy

    bonjour à tous,
    mon fichier kdbx est stocké dans mon compte dropbox.
    J'y accède sans problème avec mon android (galaxy note) avec la version 1.99.10
    par contre quand j'y accède depuis mon pc (version 2.21 puis 2.23) le programme me répond:
    "failed to load the file !
    the file is corrupted" (le mot de passe est évidement correct !)
    Que se passe t'il ? que faire ?
    merci d'avance de votre aide...

  • Duquennoy

    Suite ! MIRACLE
    Je viens d'ajouter une entrée dans .kbdx sur mon android... et miracle, le pc arrive maintenant à ouvrir la base de données.
    Je me sens mieux mais je pense que les développeurs seront intéresssés à analyser ce problème.

  • develop1

    I truly believe your issue was a dropbox issue not a keepass issue.

    the way you are using dropbox you have a copy of your .kdbx on your PC and another copy on your android. when you make a change in either place the file is first saved on the local device and drop box then moves that file to the cloud and from the cloud over to the other device.

    in your example you made a change on your android.
    dropbox pushed a copy of this new file to the cloud but that copy was interrupted/incomplete.
    The incomplete file was then pushed to the PC.
    The PC could not open the corrupted file.

    you "fixed" the problem by making yet another change on the android .kdbx
    dropbox then dutifully tried to copy this new file to the cloud and from the cloud copy to your PC.
    This 2nd transfer was successful.

    I do not know why the 1st transfer was bad.

    Please know that dropbox maintains upto 30 days of history on the files it protects for you. If you log into your dropbox account you can right click the file and drill into "previous versions". you can the restore any version you wish from the last 30 days.

    Should you find yourself in trouble again you can use this feature to obtain the last working copy of your .kdbx file

    Last edit: develop1 2013-09-23