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Display passwords in easy to type groups like product keys

Ned Martin
  • Ned Martin
    Ned Martin

    Sorry if something like this has already been mentioned... I couldn't find it.

    Fantastic application by the way.

    I'd love a feature (or plugin) which could display passwords grouped into groups, like how product keys normally come.

    For example, see how much easier the first password is to type than the second? I don't actually want to store the spaces as part of my password, I just want my passwords to be displayed in easy-to-type blocks like this.

    79u6 be67 vpq7 fia9


    Last edit: Ned Martin 2014-08-15
  • Horst

    Using KeePass I never have to type or read passwords after they are stored.
    So what would be the benefit of such a display

  • wellread1

    There are some issues with the suggested feature:

    • If formatting is defined globally (e.g. for the workspace), only passwords of specific form (e.g. a relatively uniform string whose length is divisible by 4) would display nicely.
    • If formatting is defined per entry, formatting would be would be a tedious process and the feature would require a database format change to store the formatting string.
    • If formatting is customizable, the user would need to familiarize themselves with some sort of formatting syntax.

    Note: The features above could presumably could be implemented in a plugin.

    A couple of reasonable alternatives:

    • Include a separator character in the actual password. The character '-' works well because it creates a readable password, can be typed without the shift key, and it is a commonly accepted character. An additional restriction that the first letter be a letter comes with a modest cost (about -0.5bits of entropy), but has the advantage that the first character is a letter that can be readily changed to upper case on sites requiring mixed case.

    Password Generation Profile: la{3}-a{4}-a{4}-a{4}

    Initial Password: k9u6-be67-vpq7-fia9
    Modified Password: K9u6-be67-vpq7-fia9
    • Use a second 'display only field' with the KPEnhancedEntryView plugin to display the password with spaces. Optionally, a 'formatting' pattern can be defined to parse the password in the 'display only' field using a regular expression.

    Regular Expression: {T-REPLACE-RX:!{PASSWORD}!(.{4})(.{4})(.{4})(.{4})!$1 $2 $3 $4!}

    Password Field: 79u6be67vpq7fia9
    Display Field: 79u6 be67 vpq7 fia9


    The automated formatting method above, using a regular expression as a 'formatting' pattern would be similar to a per entry formatting system.

    The Display Field could be incorporated into an entry template.

    Last edit: wellread1 2014-08-15
  • Paul

    KeePass has drag n drop, copy / paste and Auto-type to enter your credentials. None of these requires you type anything.

    cheers, Paul

  • wellread1

    However, if you need to type the password, e.g. into an unconnected device, an easily read and typed password is more convenient.

  • My previous discussion regarding alternate data views and formatting might be relevant here.

  • Ned Martin
    Ned Martin

    Thanks, I will look into the ideas suggested.

    I suppose it depends how you use KeePass, but I have a need to use it to store passwords for devices which I have to type. i.e. the device is not the same one that KeePass is stored on.