Integrating an app with KeePass

  • I'm currently working on providing external keyring functionality to Pidgin IM and was thinking of adding a support for storing passwords in KeePass.

    For all supported keyrings (KWallet, GNOME Keyring, libsecret) and these not yet supported (Windows Password Store) there was only a need to connect to some daemon and ask for password. I don't see such information, how to connect to KeePass - is it at all possible without writing a plugin for KeePass?

    I wanted to support this password storage out-of-the-box, without need for installing any additional software.

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  • Paul

    KeePass V1 has external hooks, off by default. V2 requires a plug-in.
    You can use the KPscript plug-in to do basic things without writing a plug-in.

    cheers, Paul

  • Dominik Reichl
    Dominik Reichl

    There exist various plugins for IPC, e.g. KeePassHttp (which is used by PassIFox and ChromeIPass; see, KeePassRest (, and others; you might want to have a look at the plugins page (

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