Firefox 22 /Java /Keepass 227

  • TonySaprano

    I installed 227 and noticed a lag when using Firefox with Java screens.

    The Java screen is a live stock quote screen and when I clicked on any select columns. It would
    give a lag type delay. I only had Keepass open, FF plus the Java stock screen. Since I have been using Keepass for a long time. I was ruling out Keepass and looked in the Task Manager for other possible causes.. I haven't install anything new in a long time.

    I decided to reinstall 226 to see if that made a difference and it did. I could click on any column and it would sort the column with no delay.

    Thanks for listening and Thanks Keepass.

  • wellread1

    KeePass does not interact with other programs except to send keystrokes to an open window (very much like a keyboard does). Consequently it is very unlikely that upgrading to KeePass 2.27 will significantly degrade performance of another program e.g. a browser or a Java based program.

    However, if you have installed a third-party form filler extension this could affect performance of a browser based program since these form fillers do integrate directly into the browser.

    Also, it is not unusual for upgrades to make small additional demands on hardware that are not noticeable with current hardware, but such demands may eventually accumulate to the point where degradation of overall performance becomes noticeable on older or lower performance hardware. Still, I did not experienced a noticeable performance hit upon installing KeePass 2.27 on a 10 year old laptop, and there have not been other reports on this forum of any substantial general performance hit when upgrading to KeePass 2.27.