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Plugin Suggestion: Left (or right) hand typing Password Generator

  • Will Belden
    Will Belden

    I hate using the mouse, but I also hate lifting my hand from it all the time to use the keyboard. I like to use passwords that I can type solely with my left hand. Examples can be found on this page ( though I suspect that cross-referencing an existing dictionary file with all the left-hand letters would reveal better options.

    I'm just not this kind of developer, but I bet there's plenty of people who'd like to use it. Maybe some options like "Include Y", "Include "H", "Include "N", as I know I can reach a bit right with my left hand for those. Also, "Include numbers", maybe options for 6 and/or 7 to be included in the generated values. Whether to include the SHIFT key or not.

    Just thought if someone is sitting around wondering what kind of plugin they could develop, this might be a good candidate. Maybe make it right-hand-only as an option.

  • wellread1

    Custom password generator profiles are currently possible. For example a generator profile that created random 8 character passwords based on the left hand home row would be: [\a\s\d\f\g]{8}

    See the KeePass Password Generator documentation for details.

    Last edit: wellread1 2014-03-25
  • Dominik Reichl
    Dominik Reichl

    You don't really need a plugin for this; patterns can be used for it.

    For example, the following pattern generates passwords of length 12 consisting only of lower-case left hand letters and numbers from 1-6:

    Of course, such passwords are rather insecure.

    For details on password generation based on patterns, please see

    Best regards,

  • Paul

    Why would you ever want to type a password when you have KeePass and can press Ctrl Alt A with your left hand? ;-))

    cheers, Paul