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1399 Global Autotype stopped working for Pageant in KeePass 2.29 KeePass_2.x closed Oliver Kopp 6 days ago  
1398 Auto-type matches an entry it should not KeePass_2.x closed Corey Hull 6 days ago  
1397 Suggestion: implement larger text sizes KeePass_2.x closed Andrew Bauer 2015-06-29  
1396 Tray icon not properly set KeePass_2.x closed a_flamethrowing_duck 2015-06-21  
1395 Keys do not go in the same folder after export / import KeePass_2.x closed Jean Bon 2015-06-19  
1394 Folder structure different after export and import KeePass_2.x closed Nicholas Bootsman 2015-06-17  
1393 InLineEditing does not work KeePass_2.x closed Tobias Twardon 2015-06-16  
1392 chromeIPass cannot connect to KeePass 2.29 KeePass_2.x closed astepanenko 2015-06-15  
1391 Width of horizontal entry detail pane not saved/restored correctly under Mono KeePass_2.x closed Tilman Blumenbach 2015-06-12  
1388 Google Hangouts intercepts all Auto-Type data KeePass_2.x closed Jason Apol 2015-05-31  
1387 Sorting order with android Keepass KeePass_2.x closed Philippe COQUET 2015-05-27  
1386 Text formatting is broken in "Notes" edit box when Polish national characters are used KeePass_2.x closed Jan Dubiec 2015-05-27  
1385 Make checkbox to require one item of each group KeePass_2.x closed Simon 2015-05-25  
1384 [Linux] Unable to save database with Mono KeePass_2.x closed Lompik 2015-05-23  
1383 "Generate Password" dialogue too big to fit on screen KeePass_2.x closed Jeroen Bollen 2015-05-22  
1382 Username still in plaintext when asterisks toggled KeePass_2.x closed Cole 2015-05-21  
1381 Username still in plaintext when asterisks toggled KeePass_1.x closed Cole 2015-05-21  
1379 Installing .Net update 3032662 breaks keepass KeePass_2.x closed Markus Zingg 2015-05-17  
1378 Lock workspace on computer lock or suspend is ineffective on Mono KeePass_2.x closed Peter Oliver 2015-05-17  
1377 This program requires flash.ocx KeePass_2.x closed payonel 2015-05-15  
1376 Global Auto-Type malfunctioning in Firefox KeePass_2.x closed Will S 2015-05-13  
1375 Error when open KeePass v1.29 KeePass_1.x closed Muh kuh 2015-05-12  
1374 File size keep being big after deleting an attached file KeePass_2.x closed Tim Gold 2015-05-11  
1373 Save failed with internal error Flush KeePass_2.x closed ffalka 2015-05-08  
1372 KeePass redraws on disconnected screen KeePass_1.x closed Sebastian R. Wasl 2015-05-02  
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