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1354 KeePass 2.X crashes on Ubuntu after opening a database KeePass_2.x open lobo 2015-02-21  
1353 interesting permission issue w/ ioprotocolext(1.10) sftp keepass(2.28) KeePass_1.x open bron 2015-02-16  
1351 Unhandled exception when saving new entry KeePass_2.x open Victor Escobar 2015-02-14  
1350 Files specified in the command line are searched in the working directory where the application was started KeePass_2.x open Raúl Salinas-Monteagudo 2015-02-10  
1344 Linux. Triggers not working KeePass_2.x open John Pagourtzis 2015-02-03  
1348 Newest version of KeePass 2.28 proved glitchy KeePass_2.x open Rhiannon Faulkner 2015-02-06  
1243 auto-type very slow with systemd KeePass_2.x open Max Mehl 2014-05-10  
522 [1.x] Auto-Type Problem KeePass_1.x open Hooman Valibeigi 2007-10-11  
1339 Wrong window size on restore when KP was startet minimized KeePass_2.x open Humangenom 2015-01-15  
1337 Error with autotyping if user/password contains german umlauts KeePass_2.x open Jens Grüntjes 2015-01-08  
1336 IOProtocolExt: Wonky unlock behavior KeePass_2.x open Protected 2015-01-07  
1332 Huge Memory usage after login into KeePass 2 (up to 800mb) Win7 64bit KeePass_2.x open Entlog 2014-12-27  
1330 Firefox ESR not detected KeePass_2.x open CraigM 2014-12-19  
1320 Crashes on unlocking KeePass_2.x open sfuser 2014-11-19  
1319 autotype types errors (skips characters, wrong positions) KeePass_2.x open lvl 2014-11-15  
1316 right ALT+E jump to search field KeePass_2.x open Leszek 2014-11-12  
1317 Can't connect with default proxy settings (solution included) KeePass_2.x open Holger Boskugel 2014-11-13  
1315 Auto-type inserts too many characters KeePass_2.x open johanponken 2014-11-08  
1314 KeePass crashes with System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException when deleting multiple entries at once KeePass_2.x open Mertens Bram 2014-10-26  
1308 Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS during global auto-type got "GetForegroundWindow" alert KeePass_2.x open SkyRE 2014-10-21  
1310 Empty names of plugins in plugins dialog in Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS. KeePass_2.x open SkyRE 2014-10-21  
1309 Bug #1216 present in Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS with GNOME 3.12. KeePass_2.x open SkyRE 2014-10-21  
1307 Password Generator Character Set Behavior KeePass_2.x open Source Forge 42 2014-10-16  
1255 KeePass window not accessible when connecting via RDP on Windows KeePass_2.x open Corey Boyle 2014-06-16  
1221 window is on top of Windows taskbar KeePass_2.x open shovp9 2014-02-27  
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