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1474 Auto typing not working properly on windows10/ie11 KeePass_2.x open Izaak de Hullu 5 days ago  
1473 Inconsistent behaviour when closing multiple tabs KeePass_2.x open Paul 2016-01-26  
1466 SendFailure when opening database from https WebDav OwnCloud KeePass_2.x open SteveH 2016-01-15  
1465 Exception while restoring from tray on KDE 4 under Gentoo KeePass_2.x open Pastafarianist 2016-01-14  
1463 Edit entry Notes field issues when pasting html formated text KeePass_1.x open SelfMan 2016-01-08  
1461 After search, Auto-type does not work : The object was used after being disposed KeePass_2.x open Desintegr 2016-01-07  
1389 After Search, Treeview and content are out-of-sync KeePass_2.x open Bruce Carson 2015-06-09  
1354 KeePass 2.X crashes on Ubuntu after opening a database KeePass_2.x open lobo 2015-02-21  
1336 IOProtocolExt: Wonky unlock behavior KeePass_2.x open Protected 2015-01-07  
1319 [TabletInputService] autotype types errors (skips characters, wrong positions) KeePass_2.x open lvl 2014-11-15  
1221 window is on top of Windows taskbar KeePass_2.x open shovp9 2014-02-27  
1210 User interface briefly visible during minimized start KeePass_2.x open Gingko 2014-02-03  
1184 Save dialog behind other program KeePass_1.x open lwc 2013-10-28  
795 KeePass 2.x freezes on a rotated screen None open Marcin Miłkowski 2010-03-25  
522 [1.x] Auto-Type Problem KeePass_1.x open Hooman Valibeigi 2007-10-11  
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