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1265 KeePass 2 does not "unlock" keyboard after auto-typing if an new version window is being shown KeePass_2.x open Leandro 7 days ago  
1264 Dutch language file name should be 'Nederlands.lngx' instead of 'Dutch.lngx' KeePass_2.x closed Dirk 2014-07-06  
1263 KeePass 2.16 and Ditto 3.19.24 KeePass_2.x closed Judykator 2014-07-02  
1262 IOProtocolExt plugin fails to save database. KeePass_2.x open dxp 2014-06-23  
1261 Synchronization does not synchronize auto-type settings KeePass_2.x closed mauromol 2014-06-23  
1260 Webdav synchronization fails KeePass_2.x closed naioja 2014-06-22  
1259 Webdav digest authentication KeePass_2.x open naioja 2014-06-22  
1257 Can't paste into Java applet window KeePass_2.x closed Vadim 2014-06-17  
1256 KeePass crashes after opening 2 files, if "Custom database color" parameter set KeePass_2.x closed Denis Joiret 2014-06-17  
1255 KeePass window not accessible when connecting via RDP on Windows KeePass_2.x open Corey Boyle 2014-06-16  
1254 Bad display prevents correct operation of create profile in UbuntuStudio KeePass_2.x closed Philj34 2014-06-16  
1253 Keepass 2.26 Crashes on startup after VS2013 Update 2 installed KeePass_2.x closed Jason C 2014-06-05  
1252 KeePass 2.26 does not run on Win2k KeePass_2.x closed Dave Korn 2014-06-02  
1250 Key File cannot be used if not available at launch KeePass_2.x closed LarryD 2014-05-30  
1249 Plgx Compiling Incompatible With Mklink On Windows? KeePass_2.x closed user2037 2014-05-29  
1248 Linux: Auto-type fails under some circumstances KeePass_2.x closed Steve W 2014-05-29  
1247 Multiple databases with custom colors - minimizing the window KeePass_2.x closed Wojciech Baranowski 2014-05-26  
1246 Configuring triggers doesn't work on Mono KeePass_2.x closed Ari Pollak 2014-05-26  
1245 Move entry one up/down keyboard shortcuts do nothing KeePass_2.x closed Erich Schulman 2014-05-19  
1243 auto-type very slow with systemd KeePass_2.x open Max Mehl 2014-05-10  
1242 Selecting text in auto-type sequence always marks two braces at once KeePass_2.x closed Ede_123 2014-05-04  
1241 Remote file gets deleted trying to syncronize local file with file on webdav (on linux)!!! KeePass_2.x closed Dimitrios T. Tanis 2014-05-01  
1240 Auto-Type fails when password contains certain special characters KeePass_2.x closed Shane M 2014-05-01  
1239 Auto-lock plays badly with laptop+external monitor when undocking laptop KeePass_2.x closed Neil Walker 2014-04-30  
1238 Can't open remote database using webdav over https KeePass_2.x closed phedonbis 2014-04-23  
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