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KeePass 2.x

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1367 shortcut to quit keepass KeePass_2.x closed Lompik 10 hours ago  
1366 Problem with Configure Keystroke Sequence KeePass_2.x open Bill O 3 days ago  
1365 Problem as 'O' has been removed for OK button KeePass_2.x closed larsen255 4 days ago  
1364 The composite key is invalid KeePass_2.x closed David 7 days ago  
1363 Keepass blanks/fills fields not involved in... Wordpress and other admin panels KeePass_2.x closed Drauttiano 2015-04-02  
1362 temp freeze/hang KeePass_2.x open bzsolt 2015-03-31  
1361 Mouse problems when running under Fedora KeePass_2.x open Dr Bill C Riemers 2015-03-31  
1360 Keepass crashes with NullReferenceException when run with sux / gksu KeePass_2.x closed Sampo Niskanen 2015-03-26  
1359 KeePass can't open database file from command line with " charactered passwords KeePass_2.x closed Zoltan 2015-03-25  
1358 Keepass crash on Mono/OpenSUSE with System.Text.DecoderFallbackException KeePass_2.x closed Gernot Hillier 2015-03-25  
1357 Variable {USERNAME} is still visible in url details KeePass_2.x closed Murdoc Bates 2015-03-05  
1355 okay/cancel button not visible KeePass_2.x closed chrittig 2015-02-22  
1354 KeePass 2.X crashes on Ubuntu after opening a database KeePass_2.x open lobo 2015-02-21  
1353 interesting permission issue w/ ioprotocolext(1.10) sftp keepass(2.28) KeePass_2.x closed bron 2015-02-16  
1351 Unhandled exception when saving new entry KeePass_2.x closed Victor Escobar 2015-02-14  
1349 KP doesn't autolock if an entry edit window is open KeePass_2.x closed miscwebb 2015-02-10  
1348 Newest version of KeePass 2.28 proved glitchy KeePass_2.x closed Rhiannon Faulkner 2015-02-06  
1347 Linux, WebDAVs, "The authentication or decryption has failed" KeePass_2.x closed Megachip 2015-02-06  
1346 Linux, WebDAVs, "Error writing headers" KeePass_2.x closed Megachip 2015-02-06  
1345 Minimize linux mint 17 not working properly KeePass_2.x closed John Pagourtzis 2015-02-04  
1344 Linux. Triggers not working KeePass_2.x closed John Pagourtzis 2015-02-03  
1343 Invisible Password Generator Length Selector Text KeePass_2.x closed PacketSpeedInKnots 2015-02-01  
1341 Ctrl+E is not working properly KeePass_2.x closed Alexey Saenko 2015-01-24  
1340 derive from previous password will uncheck some char set KeePass_2.x closed paradis pal 2015-01-17  
1339 Wrong window size on restore when KP was startet minimized KeePass_2.x closed Humangenom 2015-01-15  
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