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#1003 Possible SHOWSTOPPER: Locked out from entering master key

W. Schütz

I activated
- 'Master key input dialog in secure desktop' and

My KeePass shows the following anomality:
- Minimize KeePass to the Tray
- Use 'right-click' to 'Lock Workspace'
- Use Tray Icon to maximize KeePass

Secure desktop with dialog will pop up for a second. Before you can enter the password, it will be covered by KeePass in maximized mode, but with all buttons locked. Tray Icon is still there, but all menu points greyed out. There seems to be no way to get back to the secure dialog.

KeePass can be terminated by Task Manager - but not as usual on the Applications Tab by means of 'End Task'. You have to switch to the Processes and use 'End Process'

- The deadlock overlives a restart of KeePass! It will behave exactly as described above and lock you out from entering the master key!

I entered the password in an editor and was able to copy/paste it within the few milliseconds granted before the secure dialog vanishes. This could be impossible on a faster machine!


  • W. Schütz
    W. Schütz

    Forgot to mention:
    - Win7 x64, all usuall fixes and updates

  • Paul

    Rename KeePass.config.xml to return KeePass to default mode.
    You should not be able to paste into the secure desktop should you? Kind of defeats the purpose of a secure desktop if you have clipboard access.

    cheers, Paul

  • Dominik Reichl
    Dominik Reichl

    Unfortunately I can't reproduce this. When restoring from tray, the main window is displayed very shortly and then KeePass switches to the secure desktop to allow entering the master key. I don't observe a switch-back to the standard desktop before the user closes the master key dialog.

    Most likely some other application is interfering.

    Best regards

  • Dominik Reichl
    Dominik Reichl

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