Ability to Tweak Favicon Settings

  • The genesis for my request is that I have a password file with about 900 entries and the only way I can get Favicon to complete is to manually run it on each password group. If I run it on the entire password file it never completes (the longest I have let it run is 72 hours).

    Would it be possible to expose some of the basic values used by Favicon to let the user tweak how the plug-in works? For instance the number of URL redirects, connection timeout, suppress the error/warning dialog if a URL has a problem, etc.

    Once the interface to the plug-in settings is working it could be used to address some of the other topics that have be raised in this forum such as which protocols to to ignore in a URL, or how to handle URLs without a protocol, etc. instead of hard-coding the logic.

  • Luckyrat

    Yes in principle that sounds good but I don't have time to work on it myself at the moment. If anyone wants to work on this on github I'll pull it into a future version of the plugin.

    You should find that the latest version is less likely to run for such a long period of time but no doubt it's still imperfect when problematic entries are found.