Half an icon

  • Paul

    Nice, easy to use, blah, blah.   ;-))

    I notice it only shows half the KeePass icon. Is that because it's 32px × 32px?

    I also notice google.com has a crap icon!

    cheers, Paul

  • Luckyrat

    Hi Paul,

    I have seen the problem with half an icon before but only before I released the plugin**.

    Maybe there was a problem with the connection to the web service that the plugin uses to retrieve the icons (which should always be 16x16 regardless of the original source). I've just tried downloading the KeePass and Google icons now and they work fine (XP SP3, .NET 3.5 SP1) so maybe it's worth trying them again?

    Unfortunately, although there are a variety of services available to collect the favicons from websites, none provide a complete range of icons and a 100% reliable service. I found that faviconiac.com (e.g. ) was the best option but depending on feedback, we could try an alternative service, or even provide a configurable option so that the service can be changed easily in future. Or maybe even some custom code to get the favicons directly from the site in question, although this would be complicated by the variety of possible image formats, sizes and locations so it wasn't an option for v1.


    ** I think… but I guess you're using the latest version 1.1 anyway which definitely has that fix in place. In that situation, the problem was that the icon would not fit in the memory space that I had allocated to it. However, I increased the size to around 40KB which should be more than sufficient for any icon, even a 32 x 32 so this is probably not the problem.

      : http://www.faviconiac.com/favicon/keepass.info