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KDE Create New Template Service Menu / News: Recent posts

KDE New Template Service Menu version 0.1 released

This installable KDE service menu automates making "Create New..." menu items for Konqueror's context menu.

Have you ever wished you could just create a new document without searching for the right program, but only had folder, HTML, and plain text file templates listed on the context menu? Now you can customize your "Create New..." context menu in KDE/Konqueror without having to edit .desktop files directly. Simply right-click on a document file, point to Actions and click Create Template. Choose an icon and enter text for the menu entry and a new menu item will be created. It's so simple and fast that creating custom templates for letters, cash-flow worksheets, images and more will suddenly be no work at all.... read more

Posted by Scott Bicknell 2006-08-26