Commit Date  
[r5993] by j-b-m

Cleanup document loading and make sure to read all thumbs from disk cache on opening

2011-10-25 21:42:34 Tree
[r5992] by j-b-m

Load zone thumbnails from disk if available

2011-10-25 20:21:21 Tree
[r5991] by j-b-m

Fix recent regression in clip duration

2011-10-25 20:00:50 Tree
[r5990] by j-b-m


2011-10-25 19:06:08 Tree
[r5989] by j-b-m

Fix monitor startup / switching showing no video

2011-10-25 19:05:01 Tree
[r5988] by j-b-m

Several small adjustments for monitor switching

2011-10-25 16:46:03 Tree
[r5987] by j-b-m

Do not leak consumer events

2011-10-25 00:28:41 Tree
[r5986] by j-b-m

Do not trigger monitor refresh when hidden

2011-10-24 16:51:27 Tree
[r5985] by j-b-m

Optimize document check on opening

2011-10-24 09:08:35 Tree
[r5984] by j-b-m

Do not uselessly switch monitors at startup

2011-10-24 01:26:01 Tree
[r5983] by j-b-m

remove debug message

2011-10-23 22:14:50 Tree
[r5982] by j-b-m

Fix crash when enabling a proxy clip

2011-10-23 22:07:09 Tree
[r5981] by j-b-m

Finally fix the SDL consumer corruption + crash when doing fast start/stop

2011-10-23 21:24:02 Tree
[r5980] by j-b-m

Fix some more threading crashes, almost there :)

2011-10-22 22:49:41 Tree
[r5979] by j-b-m

Fix startup crash because of leaked bookmarkmanager

2011-10-22 20:38:34 Tree
[r5978] by j-b-m

Fix regression introduced in previous commit (broken color clips)

2011-10-22 17:39:33 Tree
[r5977] by j-b-m

fix compilation warning with KDE >= 4.7

2011-10-22 17:09:35 Tree
[r5976] by j-b-m

Try to fix the concurrency issues causing crash in the avformat producer

2011-10-22 16:56:43 Tree
[r5975] by j-b-m

Fix freeze on split audio and other stuff (bad service locking)

2011-10-21 17:10:46 Tree
[r5974] by j-b-m

Small optimisation of document loading (do not check for missing files twice)

2011-10-21 10:00:47 Tree
[r5973] by j-b-m

updated dutch translation by Ronald Stroethoff

2011-10-21 09:10:49 Tree
[r5972] by j-b-m

Increase quality of default proxy encoding

2011-10-19 15:48:34 Tree
[r5971] by j-b-m


2011-10-18 22:14:30 Tree
[r5970] by j-b-m

Fix another possible memleak

2011-10-18 16:37:47 Tree
[r5969] by j-b-m

Fix small memleak

2011-10-18 15:29:59 Tree
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