Ok, checked out again, and no it didn't fix it. Could someone else try out the file http://www.johanneswilm.org/download/johanneswilm.mts and tell me if it doesn't get blue on their system.

Also, what X extensions are used? XV and if that fails X11? Nothing else?

On Tue, Jul 29, 2008 at 8:58 PM, jb <jb@kdenlive.org> wrote:
On Tuesday 29 July 2008 20:04:24 Johannes Wilm wrote:
> Hey, for some reason when I load this clip:
> http://www.johanneswilm.org/download/johanneswilm.mts , the project monitor
> screen turns completely blue during playback. Rendering it is no problem. I
> know there are a handful of video engines for X, but I can't see how to
> change it. Playing it with Inigo is bumpy, but the picture is shown
> (doesn't turn blue). Any advice?

I just fixed a bug that caused blue screen when opening a project file. Can
you please update and see if it fixes you issue ?

Also, are you using a recent svn version of FFmpeg ?


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