Hello to all kdenlive community.
I've just discovered this wonderful program some weeks ago and after playing with it making 2-3 videos I can say it's the video editing tool who best fits the needs of an advanced (maybe not proffesional !!) user. Thanks to all involved.
Reason to join the community is try to help in anything I can. I presume this will be in the future one of the best VET not only in Linux, but in any other platform and I'd like to (as we said in spanish), "add my sand grain" to this project.
My first intention is to help preparing some manuals, both in english and spanish. Also I can beta-test any new modification detecting bugs and proposing some new features. If needed, I can also help with screen design (is it still needed a new design for the rendering screen ?) and maybe in the future (if I can remember my programming times !!) also with coding.
In this first message, I want to propose a small (hope also easy) improvement. Is it posible to add to the timeline viewer and tittle clip creation viewer a "safety area" indication ? As you know is not always the same what you see in the PC and what you see in the TV, so it's not a bad idea to "frame" about 90% of the viewer to indicate the problematic zone where it's better not to include any text, PIP images, ...
Don't know if this idea has been already proposed, and that's related with my second request. I'm working now with release 0.4 and for some reasons is quite difficult for me to compile new versions from source in order to test them. I've read in a previous message from C. Davila that he's able to send a packed updated version. Can you do so for me ? Also for Carlos, if you need any additional help with spanish translations or any other issue please do not hesitate to contact.
Thanks again to all.