2014-02-12 21:32 GMT+01:00 Simon A. Eugster <simon.eu@gmail.com>:
Hey Mario,

nice to read you! And cool that there is going to be another Randa meeting.

@Vincent Pinon, Montel Laurent, and Jean-Nicolas Artaud, you have been
contributing recently. It would be nice to have you in Randa, not only
for getting in touch with other developers from all over the
world—especially Kdenlive devs in person—, but also for enjoying both
one of the most beautiful spots of the Swiss alps and great food
including Raclette.

Thanks for thinking in me, but my contributions are really poor. I have no
time to hack at home recently, should be better in something like 2 weeks.
It will be holidays for me and my family and i'm sorry to refuse your kind
invitation. I'm kind of new in kdenlive I didn't know the randa meeting, I'll
think in it fr the next years too.

@jb, Till, how about you, in again? Till, you'd be a valuable resource
regarding refactoring too, maybe we can get the ball rolling by adding
some entry points for devs. jb, we need you for coordination and good
ideas and exchange with the new devs, plus because you're a great guy :)

I'm in if another Kdenlive dev joins. Maybe not the whole week though.


Am 12.02.2014 10:27, schrieb Mario Fux KDE ML:
> Ping. Any interest? Questions? Proposals?
> I'd love to see this software blossom again and as a not-really-developer I
> can just offer organizational help.
> Best regards
> Mario
> Am Mittwoch, 05. Februar 2014, 23.35:52 schrieb Mario Fux KDE ML:
>> Good morning you all
>> As I saw in the recent weeks and months on this list the Kdenlive project
>> could need a push or two to get back to his old successes and highes. Some
>> of you may know that Kdenlive was participating in the Randa Meetings of
>> the last year. As this year we'll have our 5th meetings in the Swiss alps
>> and Kdenlive could need some energy and direction it might make sense to
>> meet face-to-face there and plan for the future.
>> May be even jb, Simon, Till and Co might find there way there again.
>> So what do you think. Interested? Some more information about the Randa
>> Meetings:
>> http://www.randa-meetings.ch
>> http://community.kde.org/Sprints/Randa
>> Best regards
>> Mario

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