My suggestion here is then to book Till for a couple of months if he is willing to and depending on how much it will cost. We can easily organize a successful foundraising campaign for kdenlive. It's a well known project for what i know.

Il 25/nov/2013 21:14 "Vincent PINON" <> ha scritto:

Le 25/11/2013 19:01, Brian Matherly a écrit :
> But I haven't done my own assessment of the code - which is why I started my comments by asking if anyone else had assessed the code in master. Without an assessment of the code, nobody (except JB) will know how hard it will be to get it running.
I guess Till who laid the foundations of the refactoring (thanks to the
funding campaign) can have the best understanding of the new branch
status, even after JB's work, but he seems busy for the moment...
Cleaning the bug tracker to release a 0.9.7 is a first goal for few
month ; putting new architecture in a useable state comes next
(definition of useable might vary!), and then integrating mlt new stuff,
new titler project, etc

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